Cloud Computing

Faceitech® business-ready tools, applications and solutions, designed to enable rapid, on-demand access to shared computer processing resources and data

Cloud database

Run your database in a cloud computing environment, available as a service. Create a cloud database configured and optimized for robust performance with Faceitech®.

Cloud management

Manage the self-service delivery and provisioning of cloud infrastructure. Enable an operational event and incident correlation, prioritization, and resolution with Faceitech®.

Cloud security

Protect data, applications and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing. Deliver encryption everywhere, cloud native development and cyber resilience with Faceitech®.

Cloud storage

Store data offsite using hosted services that provide data availability and protection. Enable AI workloads and consolidate primary and secondary big data storage with industry leading object storage with Faceitech®.

Infrastructure as a service

Access and use computing facilities and capabilities such as virtual machines through the cloud. Get maximum performance and secure single tenancy from a dedicated server with root-level access to all server resources for easier workload customization with Faceitech®.

Platform as a service

Allow users to develop, run and manage applications without a complex infrastructure. Automate tasks anywhere with Faceitech®.