Faceitech® team is ready to help innovative companies to develop their software products by complementing internal crews when additional or specific tech expertise is needed.

SaaS consulting services

Help your company to overcome the lack of expertise in tech product management and convert your product vision into a turn-key plan on tech implementation of a competitive SaaS/XaaS product with Faceitech®.

Ecommerce consulting services

help your company to have a strong and elaborate value proposition, we voice out loud our competence in boosting the profitability of your business. Embrace a successful market entry, guidance in technology choice, business workflow optimization, and business performance improvement with Faceitech® ecommerce solutions.

CRM consulting services

Help your company to plan the best strategy for sales, marketing and customer support activities, and achieve the highest ROI from CRM implementation. Meet diverse business needs with Faceitech® CRM solutions.

Analytics consulting services

Help your company to benefit from integrated solutions that rely on the optimal technology stack, save costs, improve performance and grow business. Describe your project or challenge and find what consulting services your business can benefit from with Faceitech®.

Data science consulting services

Help your company to include data science consulting, development and support to enable you to run experiments with data in search of business insights. Apply data science in its different forms ranging from statistics to machine learning (including its most recent technique – deep learning) to meet the most deliberate analytics needs with Faceitech®.

IoT consulting services

Help your company to leverage IoT technology to automate and improve business operations’ efficiency. Create an IoT strategy, implement and evolve your IoT solution with Faceitech®.

Information security consulting services

Help your company to protect IT environments by proactively identifying security threats and gaps delivering full-scale consulting services. Configure and fine-tune Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solutions to perform proactive detection of advanced persistent threats (APTs) to avoid financial losses, sensitive data leaks and retain corporate reputation with Faceitech®.

IT Service management consulting services

Help your company to tune IT processes in line with their business’ wants and needs. Provide Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) consulting services, which means aligning ITIL best practices with our customers’ needs; propose the most suitable solution for your problems based on ServiceNow and Jira platforms; or customize the platforms to meet your business requirements with Faceitech®.

Image analysis software consulting and development services

Help your company to gain a competitive advantage by developing Image analysis (IA) software. Identify attributes within an image via digital image processing techniques to make the IA process more accurate and cost-effective with Faceitech®.